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Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Releases: Janne Karlsson GRAPHIC POEMS & THEN SOME!!

The Swedish artist Janne Karlsson has further brought to BM’s attention that he has released in 2014 two other chapbooks of his original poems and illustrations:

GRAPHIC POEMS (24 pages)

&THEN SOME!! (16 pages)

If you are familiar with Karlsson’s work, you will know that it is difficult to nail down or rationalise his shit. The poems are pithy, self-ironic, and squirming with a pulsing, deep unfathomable anguish. Sometimes he offers us brief glimpses of tenderness or of illumination, but his core intention appears to expose our human frailties & in particular, our failed quest for meaning.

& THEN SOME!! provides a darker vision of humanity and is perhaps the better chapbook. The ideas appear less constrained and more tinged with despair. Yet somehow, as you turn the pages & look at the weird iconic characters struggling, trying to make “perfect sense” of their lives, you have to laugh madly along with Karlsson at how totally fucked up our Western world is. One of his many observations is that we are self obsessed- yet paradoxically, with little or no self awareness. Spot on!

(The graphic poems above have been included with the permission of the artist)

Read a poem from & THEN SOME!! from Dead Snakes here:

See Karlsson’s site to find more info on how to embrace his modern day insanity: