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Friday, August 30, 2019

Featuring Mendes Biondo

So goodnight

don't say goodnight to me
don't say it now
because you told me once
that the day really ends 
only with the last goodnight
and today is so gay

I don't want to sleep
that's why I'm continuing talking 
after your goodnight

I want to break this spell
but you are my seer
you are my witch
so I can't stop your magic

so goodnight

 Beauty Can Shine Everywhere In Hell

sliding scales are nothing but fat oil
plastic smell
rusty steel
asses of men and women
going up and down

if you're in the tube
add sweat
smart phones glued to the hands of people
madness in general

but sliding scales were the only place where
I can french kiss you
without issues

once we got into a fashion shop
I don't remember what they were selling
I suppose you don't remember it too
but your eyes full of desire are
still in my mind
when you suddenly asked me

would you like to go upstairs?

I asked you

why? what's there

kisses and hugs
that's what we found
and the edge of your skin
hidden by a fluffy shirt
I massaged your hips
your nipples getting hard

I wanted to have sex with you everywhere
when we were on that stairway
you told me
few minutes later

so we got home
and we reached our eden

 Oinking At The Moon

some people need a mask
to hide their face
in front of mud
and other human things

they mask themselves
when they write an e-mail
or a poem
or they simply breath 

maybe they want to burp
but they can't do it
without the right mask

I knew a lot of them
from politicians to clerks

they all called me the pork

you have no fear to enjoy life
you pork
you smell of sex wine women
tits and asses
you love eating tasty food
and you don't care of how
we judge your behavior

well it's all true
I love the juice of life
it's short the time I've got to pass here
and there are a lot of good things to do


when I prey
making love to my beloved
she kisses me
she calls the name of many gods
I know something happened
something good and right

this pork broke his ribs
pain is the music of that gospel song
this pork saw the stars
with no masks on his face

stardust on my gaze
cleaned the dirt
gave me wings
and a pearl necklace 
for you

From The Open Window of A Church

the black dress of the priest
ingnites when flower blossomed days come
the white habits of the nuns
feel the spring tickling on their bodies

            so the coloured camisoles 
            so the shorts
            so the stained caps of children

the jubilant cries of the community 
the liturgy of nature 
the misunderstanding of religion
            a cleaning from panic dirty feelings
wondering about life 
through the leaded glass of the old church


it's cold winter
the windows are closed
the frozen air must rest out
the heat should be preserved in

            a church is not an house
            there's not a family in there
            with hearts and bodies always hot
            to warm the rotten walls

the church is a cold place where stands
the holy scent of incense 
where men belive to find
what stands out 
and now is elating
and now is dying

            now it's summer
            now it's winter

out of the windows
nature watches men
with her shining eyes

she stands outside the windows
awaiting for our coming

far from paternoster
far from avemaria
from genuflections
from holy ghosts
from transustanzializations
            offers are well accepted
poperysms and scismas
god and christ and his cross
from sadness that death brings
and joy that birth brings
and marriages
and confessions
and communions
and consecrations

            nature is out there
            with sun and with snow

nature is out from that open window
and there she stands 
for us


Mendes Biondo is an Italian poet. His works appeared on Visual Verse, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Literary Yard, Angela Topping Hygge Feature, Indigent A La Carte, Alien Buddha Zine, Rust Belt Press, Horror Sleaze Trash, The BeZine, Scrittura Magazine, The Song Is, Poetry Pasta and other magazines. He is one of the editors of The Ramingo's Porch and PpigpenN. He is the author of "Spaghetti & Meatballs - Poems for Hot Organs" (Pski's Porch Publishing), “Where Hot Rod Rides” (Cajun Mutt Press),and “Young, Cruel and Angry Was The Night” (Holy & Intoxicated Press).

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