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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Featuring Frenchy: Red Food is a Dropkick

Here is comedian Frenchy's music parody of the American Red Food posted last night. Produced by LAWW Media- a close ally of BM & a potential film wing. What the film lacks in subtlety it exudes in vitality & in the outrageous way it kicks the balls of the phoney imported commercial 'icon'. I unfortunately, caught some of the ads for the show 'The Voice' when I was flipping between ABC & SBS but have never actually watched the shit. The clip has about 25,000 hits already. Caution: Strong language warning.

Frenchy's latest release is a short film 'Finding the Clitoris'. 1.2 million Facebook viewings to date:

See Frenchy LIVE in 2015:

Update: 12 October 2016

Frenchy's latest Wollongong gig and a link to his recent Youtube series: