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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Featuring the Poetry of JD DeHart


I am a flood of emotions today,
uncertainty about news.  But
then we are all balanced on
a narrow tip of existence.  But
then none of us know what
the next day holds.

In this information age, we do
the best we can with the small
amount of knowledge we have
to go on, storing nothing, it can
always be clicked and opened.

Coming Back

They have spent so much
time asking if I am coming back
they do not stop to consider
if they want me to.

I am not today who I was two
days ago.  Not even who I was
a moment ago.  Much less
a year ago.

Having grown, having changed,
coming back, I will be new.


they do not know
where they are going
as they stand at the gate
although they are stamped
for anywhere

until someone comes
to take them
hold them back from flight
above the earth
and across continents

slamming them back
into reality and bars.


I feel the climb in my legs
to this day
and remember how I felt
immortal like Icarus before
my rise

I looked down on earth
from that great height
and realized my limits
too late, the earth
spinning below

my body tensing
my mind closing
as if entering a cave.

Boiled Over

what started as a tepid
is now fully boiling
a rolling sound of bubble

slamming doors,
slamming hands,
slapping flesh,
swatted dreams

a day that began
so elegantly and simply
with delicate coffee
and the gentle flap
of a newspaper

denigrating into

a sudden cacophony.

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher. His chapbook, The Truth About Snails, is available on Amazon. DeHart's main blog is: but his work can be found in a variety of blogs as well.