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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mike Meraz Back in Black. Tree Killer Ink (2014 ) 16 pages

You will find a variety of subject matter in Meraz’s latest chapbook collection of 12 titleless, free verse poems- ironic poems about relationships & the need for solitude, short portrait poems about quirky women and poems about Meraz’s writing life. As in all of the front covers in this Punk Chapbook series, the illustration is created by the warped mind of the Swedish artist, Janne Karlsson.

This chapbook is loosely structured on Meraz’s motif of women appearing in his work wearing black. In one of the better poems below, it is interesting how Meraz distinguishes various shades of black in his female companion & how he is able to create an apt, emotive metaphor to personalise his experience:

She comes in
Dressed in black
But a warm
Not a rebellious

Sweater and a scarf
Warm cotton pants

She says “hello”
In that same voice that
Has always captivated you

A dark welcoming
Presence, a cozy
Nook, not light
Or glamour, not today
At least, but something

Warm like a cup of
Tea on a cold night
When you’re

(reprinted with the permission of the author)

Mike Meraz’s Back in Black is Punk Chapbook #11 in the 2014 Tree Killer Ink series. Buy the chap & other titles here:

Mike Meraz lives & writes in Los Angeles. For more meat from Meraz’s smorgasbord try his book 43 here from Epic Rites Press: