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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Frank Zappa YOU CAN’T DO THAT ON STAGE ANYMORE (1995). Volume 1 (Live) Disc 1. Song 14:‘Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow’ 20:16

This is an extended version of Zappa’s famous song 'Don't Eat the Yellow Snow.'  It has an incredible segment in which Zappa asks for ‘audience participation.’ A mad poet (who is an obvious plant) recites a couple of his bizarre attempts at literature. Funny. Ridiculously clever. A brutal take on the wankery of meta-fiction.

Just wack on the CD, grab a drink & follow the amazing lyrics linked below:

A copy of the lyrics can be found here:

Original transcription from St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage mainly by Hans Hendriks and Patrick Neve.