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Saturday, May 14, 2011


The best book of Collected Poems I have ever read by an Australian writer is easily by John Forbes.

John Forbes 1950-1998
This site provides links to his on-line poems, a list of publications and resources. There is also a ‘In Memorium’ section in which writers pay tribute to the great poet.

‘Form, Intuition and (a) song’ (Otis Rush):
Cath Kenneally interviewed John Forbes in September 1991 for her arts breakfast program on radio 5UV. Forbes talks about why he decided to become a poet, his writing process and about several of his poems. This is a frank and informative discussion.

Jacket 3 April 1998
This issue is dedicated to John Forbes.

Update 3 September 2011: The Australian Poetry Library has recently included 30 of Forbes’ poems on their mammoth site. Discover his work here: