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Saturday, August 18, 2018

New Release: Karina Bush Brain Lace (BareBack Press, 2018) 70 pages

Karina Bush’s third book of poetry has recently been released. Here’s a blurb from the book:  

‘BRAIN LACE’ explodes into a landscape of consciousness and consequence, navigating the space where union meets decay. From “Sutra of the Computer Body”, which captures the transcendental elements of the unspoken in an email exchange, to “Cloud" I through X, a series of poems extracted from the dream state as the unconscious processes desire - ‘BRAIN LACE' slices this desire from the urgency of the flesh, dissects it, and, perhaps, destroys it. “This collection further cements Karina’s evolving voice in contemporary poetry… an unparalleled dynamic poetic output.” C Byck - 48th Street Press 

“Bush is a conjurer, a magician. She creates, via language, a presence both alien and familiar. A wise sibyl - feminine archetype.” Wayne F. Burke - author of A Lark Up The Nose Of Time.

Also find some visual poetry from the book here on Karina Bush’s website:

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