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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

New Release: John D Robinson ECHOES OF DIABLO (Concrete Meat Press, 2018)

Here’s a couple of poems from UK poet John D. Robinson’s latest collection of poetry: 

Tonight, I’m with my friend
Casillero del Diablo
‘Wine from the Devil’s Cellar’
it’s not often we meet
as he’s expensive
but when we meet it’s
always good, he never
let’s me down, he’s a true
and loyal friend
who knows of the muse
and often brings her
tomorrow morning he’ll
be gone
to another place
and she’ll be in
the shadows
waiting for another

The apartment was small,
cramped, grim, unkempt
and a lingering staleness
dampened the air:
he was in his mid 50’s
and was dying of
alcoholism: his daughter
was in her early 20’s and
was making a living 
making home-made porno
movies in sleazy back-
street rooms with perverts,
drug dealers and other
desperados: she told me
that they were’ good
ordinary folk and didn’t
need no fucking help
from anybody’ as she 
pouted, flirted and smiled 
at me with dismissive
the old man
sat sipping brandy,
looking out of the window,
smoking a cigarette:
he didn’t say a word:
2 weeks later he was dead                                          
and his daughter scurried
to the city seeking her
fortune in the sex trade:
ordinary folks was what
they were.

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