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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Featuring Devlin De La Chapa

a man of menthol connoisseur

body attuned, he sat there
a cigarette dangled, amid fingers symmetrically aligned

and the ash of celestial ember,
they debate on where to fall, drift, scatter,
    `neath his earthly universe
his bare feet, the tickle of a working man`s skin
slaved to the grind of white collar un`crime`d
have been released to tickle hers …
mother earth

a man of menthol connoisseur
he journeys through clouds
of satisfactorily balance; chemicals
they enhance flavor to the spice of life
that invisibly shape him,
morning death, evening afterlife

in the hour that awaits his arrival
    `neath the contributions of humanity
he ponders of the simplest pleasures
that cannot measure the depth of his soul,
like an ocean, infinite and tranquil
void of fear or failure to grasp … it carries in gravity
but it`s in the depth of his irises multihued  
where brilliance is found,
embodying a constellation
created by the magnificence of a rumor of stars yet to be structured ~

and when he exhales … the plumes
they are like roses
lingering in a garden of the divine

Doll House

It had been awhile
since I stopped by your body

and gazed upon
the enamel of your skin ~
high maintenance white
polished to a flawless imperfection
still, the past of unsolicited warmth

I drew closer
to your ill structured soul
and peered within
the curtainless of your windows ~
your skeletal viscera
cast its still darkened shadow upon me
and I shivered, twice remorsed

I meant to descend from your steps  
with the intent of never returning to ascend
but your double rouge doors
unexpectedly unlocked,
and I gravitated to your entrance
in search of that one furnace
that once ignited your inner heat
but all I found was an external doll
lying on a lifeless bed in a vacant house

now I remembered why
I demolished
this love

Bio: Devlin De La Chapa lives somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the Founder/Editor of BoySlut Magazine and an occasional #1 Best Selling Indie Author on Amazon under the pseudonym 'Sandra Raine'.

When Devlin is not writing novels or penning poetry she can be found doing nothing else.

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Unknown said...

THANK YOU do much for the Honor of being Featured on Bold Monkey!
It has been a long time coming;)

BoySlut Editor