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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Best Trump Political Cartoons 2016

The New York Times recently published a list of the best Trump cartoons. After shovelling through hundreds of cartoons online, here's my list. Love or hate the bloke, Trump provides brilliant material for the astute satirist.


I like the apocalyptic feel of this cartoon. What impact will the election of Trump have on the world, in particularly on Australia, economically, environmentally, politically and militarily? Who knows?


Trump openly loves the politics and the autocratic style of Putin. Why? This cartoon controversially subverts the notion to one of gay love.


Trump's brand of innuendo, racist smear and unfact is absurdly, but beautifully and ironically applied here.


Trump's crude comments which he uttered about women ten years ago in a private conversation resurfaced during his presidential campaign and are represented on the left. In a Mount Rushmore parody (right), Trump shows how he feels about the political establishment.


The ebullient poster boy for his dream of a new America.


Post election results: Liberty has taken it up the ass.


One of the more subtle cartoons which equate Trump with Nazism.

Lincoln is not too impressed by one of the descendants of his Republican Party.


A badly hungover Yank can't yet grapple with the hallucinatory idea that Trump has been elected president.


A simple but effective cartoon which ironically examines the racial tones behind Trump's message to "Make America Great Again."

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