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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Featuring Karina Bush


You must listen
I catch this male apparition
Nude and healthy and animal-legged
Taunting for the hunting

It is down below I feel you
It is there I hear your song

You are in my sleep
I come for you in the morn
I need you to show me nature
More than just this wooded glen

It is down below I feel you
It is there I hear your song

I’m riddled with this
I’m riddled I can dance
I can be a woman
I can be a little girl
I can be an animal
I can scream louder than you can
I need you Pan
I will lick your hindquarters clean
Take me, I plead

It is down below I feel you
It has been two thousand years

You must listen
Winter will soon thin the wood
And my sleeps will grow deeper
And I will find you

His Beauty

His maleness
Can't breathe in it
It's so much
And it hasn't even broken
I'm only in the tension stage
Of male beauty
Adoring restraint
I know my only weakness
And I need to be there
When his restraint breaks
Breaks all over me
I need to see his insides
He is the most beautiful man
And I can't


I tried to speak
My mouth filled with love

I spoke flowers
Pouring out of my mouth

He kissed me
So I filled him up with them

They will each fruit over time
He will know my love

And when the final flower fruits
I will flower him again

For eternity I will perpetuate us
And we will perpetuate eternity

Karina is an Irish poet. 'Maiden' is her first published collection.

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