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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Featuring Stu Hatton

Photograph by Monica Barratt


no signal, no receiver


perhaps only a god


for those still in play, a need
to know where your dead are buried


‘showing no fear’
(a displacement)


lay a stream here


& often something
proves downfall

(‘mostly you have
to stick your mind

but it’s not
too late to sleep yourself
to fame in some commode

deep/wide trouble/mouth

you obsess over ever
kissing their glitter forever
a forcefield making
a liar of selves you heft up
corkscrew path thru
gauzy rain too spent to be sui
generis why not thread straight
to veiled garden that neck of
the web’s a set text to settle
problems of sex ‘once & for all’ &
lie deeply unhappy clasping miniature
sun-gong that chimes ‘you’ll
get there’ i.e. turn to bone still
world-hungry the ravens magnet
the viper-road since life’s an
unfair music already past
& you’re not the sort to chance
your fetish or kiss your own neck
to get the gig teaching in the
cloud’s ever-shifting borders
seems the dark-knived pinstriped
logic looms preeminent ’til unpaid
interns overtake the complex oh
so far-fetched & ringroaded
in the land of the finished
you cannot do good work


Stu Hatton is a freelance editor & writer. He also works in mental health research at the University of Melbourne. His poems have appeared in The Age, Best Australian Poems 2012, Cordite Poetry Review, Overland and elsewhere. He has published two poetry collections: How to be Hungry (2010) and Glitching (2014). 

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