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Friday, October 24, 2014

Janne Karlsson (Editor) LOVE’S AN INFECTION (2014) 24 pages

Janne Karlsson’s A5 fanzine-style chap LOVE’S AN INFECTION is a short collection of illustrated poems on the theme of Love & Hurt and features seventeen poems & eight poets from around the world. Over the last couple of years, the Swedish artist & editor has collaborated with several, mainly North American poets, who he has developed a huge respect and admiration for. When Karlsson gained access to a cheap printer earlier this year, he decided to take a shot at creating his own print poetry anthology and invited his network of poets to contribute. LOVE’S AN INFECTION is the result of this collaboration.

The poems are minimalistic & view love from a wide variety of perspectives. The poetry is experimental and remarkably fresh. There is nothing predictable or mundane here: Blood spouts in raw spasms across the page. Bruised wailing mouths pulse like a “heartbeat of fists.”

As implied by the title LOVE’S AN INFECTION, love is seen as a disease which makes people do & say crazy things. As shown in the poems, love can induce vomiting, self-loathing, evoke intense hatred and acerbate irreconcilable differences & misunderstandings between people.

(Reprinted with the publisher's permission) 

I recently asked Karlsson for BM (23 October 2014) the thoughts he had when he sat down to create an illustration for a poem. He candidly commented: “I don’t really think or prepare in any way. I read the poem and pretty much draw intuitively, trying to kind of turn the poem’s feelings into ink. There’s hardly ever anything going through my mind. If I began using my brain in my drawings, the result would surely suck. Suck hard…ha ha.”

(Reprinted with the publisher's permission)

Karlsson’s illustrations are character driven and express a raw, surreal existential anxiety which adeptly reflects the sick, fucked-up agony of modern living. His graphics? Think mad shit. Think raining blood, Zombie nudity, eyeless vomiting figures drenched in blood. Think even of cannibalistic metre-square blocks of ready-to-be-eaten breasts & vulvas. Weird but thought-provoking stuff!

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