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Friday, May 17, 2019

New Release: John D. Robinson HANG IN THERE (Uncollected Press, 2019)

Here's a book many of you have been waiting for- John D. Robinson's first full-length collection published by Uncollected Press. Ninety-nine poems most of which have not been published in book form previously. Limited to 100 numbered and signed copies.

John D Robinson’s first full collection: 99 poems a majority of the poems appearing in book form for the first time, published by ‘Uncollected Press’ USA: 1stedition: 100 signed copies:
$15:00 + p&p
£12:00 + p&p
€15:00 + p&p

Cover art  Henry Stanton

I have been reading the poems of John D. Robinson in chapbooks, broadsides and magazines for a while now and I’ve alway’s been impressed by the honesty and truth within them. Robinson pulls no punches - he documents life in all its beauty and terror. If it’s there in front of him, he records it for us all to see. It may not always be a comfortable ride, but it’s one worth taking every time. It’s really great to see that this first full length collection of poetry is now available in “Hang In There.” Whether he’s writing about women or men and the relationships - intense or passing - or the joy, pain, sex or violence that are part of their lives you know there’s no lie in the words he writes. He has a camera eye that records the larger picture but also picks out the small details. He writes of the disenchanted, the disenfranchised and the disturbed, but always with an acute sense of understanding and an ability to make the reader feel something real. Robinson is a poet who hits the mark over and over and “Hang In There” is full of shots on the bullseye. Read it. You may not always feel comfortable, but you will feel alive. So, buckle up for the ride and “Hang In There.”

Adrian Manning: Concrete Meat Press:


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