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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Book Re:release: Catfish McDaris Prying Refried. Ppigpenn Press, 2018 (32 pages)

This chapbook anthology was originally published in Prying Magazine by FOUR-SEP PUBLICATIONS in 1997 and features the poetry of Charles Bukowski, Jack Micheline and Catfish McDaris.

The book’s colophon carefully explains, “Works by Jack Micheline have appeared previously in various form and are published with his explicit permission. Charles Bukowski gave these four poems to Micheline in 1974. They were friends. Bukowski was living at 5437 2/5 Carlton Way, Los Angeles Ca 90027 when these were written. They are used with all-three owner’s permission. Catfish McDaris’ original works appear with his explicit permission. At the time this special edition was published, Catfish helped Jack financially and they were friends until Jack’s death.”

Charles Bukowski’s poems include “Help Wanted”, “d.n.f.” , “Extant” and “to weep in her ear”.

“Extant” is clearly the best of Bukowski’s in the collection and shows off his anaphoric, incantatory style. Interestingly, the last page of the three page poem first appeared as “blue moon, oh bleweewwmoooon how I adore you!” in Sparrow Magzine (1975) and later in book form in Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit (1979).

Jack Micheline’s brief bio includes a blurb by Bukowski, “Micheline is a flowing, jostling master. A jew drunk singer, very fine. He knows best the betrayals, the pavements, the whores with lemon rinds up their bungs, and the lice in the spotlights.”

The chap includes the street-wise relevatory classics “The Song of Kid Willie”, “My Philosophy”, “Walking in Kerouac’s Shadow”, “Tonight I Push My Wagon Into the Night Sky” and “The City”.

The third contributor, Catfish McDaris lives in Wisconsin and has organised the republishing of this book. His poems are smart-assed and in your face and include “The Ass That Wouldn’t Quit”, “If the Moon Had a Pussy I’d Fuck It Doggie Style”, “Cape Valentine”, “She Loved Me Because Of Poetry” and “Antelope Dream”.

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