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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New Release: Holy&intoxicated Publications: Poetry Card Series 5

John D Robinson’s Holy&intoxicated Publications are very pleased to present another searing and soaring Series of the Poetry Cards: Series 5:

Contributors to this stunning quality Series are the quality poets:

Hosho McCreesh
John Dorsey (pictured above)
Casey Renee Kiser
Scott Wozniak
Charles Joseph

Here are a few examples:


"You make your own luck,"
they say.

Tell that to the woman,
ravaged by hard years,
and hard men, and next to 
her cigarettes, a stick of 
beef jerky broken into
bite-size bits spread out 
on a bar napkin, squeezing
the lime from her Corona 
on each rough-torn hunk,
then a shake of 
stale black pepper 
from a tiny paper packet, 
tell her that when 
she says that's her dinner,                           
and the shot glass of 

Hosho McCreesh © 2018

This Street Feels like Redemption
for ray swaney

the morning comes to you
like a lover
offering no apologies
for its scars

the wind is strange fruit here

the sun beating down
is a crucifixion
not unlike the end
of the world

just a few blocks away
huddled in the rain.

  ©  2018  John Dorsey

                                               Show Me an Option
Two kids
and a wife
who need
the money
brought in
by illicit
of false hope.

He wants
to quit,
his habit
is slow death.

But who can go
to rehab

for sixty days
when there’s
bills to pay

and three mouths
to feed?

It’s not about
getting high,
it’s about

© 2018 Scott Wozniak

Published by John D Robinson Holy&intoxicated Publications:

Holy&intoxicated Publications Poetry Card Series 6 has been overseen by special guest editor Martin Appleby (Paper and Ink Zine) and will appear some time in summer 2018. Each Poet receives 20 Copies of the Card and may distribute as they wish:

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