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Friday, October 27, 2017

New Poetry by John D Robinson

We opened up all the windows
of the moving car, the fly was
ignoring this and flew around
the vehicle, irritating and
‘Kill it!’ I said as my wife
swiped at it across the steering-
wheel: the fucker was quick:
I saw it coming towards me, I
didn’t want to murder it:
I karate chopped it with my
right hand, stunning the
thing and knocking it
towards an open window,
instantly, I followed up with
a lightning left back hand
karate strike that knocked
the fly clean out of the car:
it was awesome, it took me
by surprise and I knew this
was a performance never to
happen again, I felt like a
codeine-hash stoned
Bruce Lee;
‘Did you see that?’ I asked
my wife,
‘See what?’ she said,
‘What I did with that fly’ I
‘Fuck the fly!’ she said,
sadly ignorant of my
breath-taking artistry.

‘This is awful: can you
help me? I don’t like
this: shit! this doesn’t
help the moment’ I said:
‘Calm down’ she said
‘Let me put the damn
thing on’
with such poise, timing,
touch and sensuality she
put the durex on my
it felt odd and alien and
looked hideous:
‘Don’t lose it now’ she
said moving in close and
making the right moves:
and then afterwards,
‘Look at this fucking
thing!’ I said as I peeled
it from my pecker and
then holding the thing up
in the air like a sordid
trophy and then tossing
the thing towards the
trash can, where many
lives can often end up.

Back in the early 1980’s
I was published in an english
language text book for
german students:
also featured in this
publication was a poem by
Charles Bukowski:
I was paid $15:00 for my
I don’t know how much
Bukowski was paid for his:
anyhow, for a teenage
poet being between the
pages with Buk
was payment enough.

She was a little older than
my mother and she had
red-fire hair and she’d
sunbathe in her back
garden in black or purple
bra and panties:
I’d looked at her with
13 year old eyes and
marvelled at her flesh
and shapely curves and
my imagination would
torment me wildly and a
little later I’d hear her
screaming appalling abuse
at her husband and
children, horrid and vile
words that stained the
air and destroyed any
sense of sensuality:
my very first encounter
with a woman with the
body of Aphrodite with
the tongue of the fallen
angel but she was tame
compared to some of the
ladies I was later to meet

I was hopeless at the work
and fucked things up; the
foreman cursed me and I
came back with some young
thoughtless comment:
I was grabbed and pulled
away and told to walk
off the site, whilst I still
could and that’s what I
did and my thoughts
played heavy on backing-
down: it’s a bitter taste
but sometimes it just
makes sense to give it up
to avoid a useless
confrontation and defeat,
a beating, the pain and
humiliation: to walk away
and get ready and stronger
and prepared for the
next asshole.

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