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Monday, May 15, 2017

Featuring Jon Bennett

My Work is Done

I was sober 6 months
before fixing
my smashed chairs
I went
to the hardware store
bought brackets
drilled holes, etc.
When it was done
I was still sober
but with
mended furniture
So I did
what I always do
these days
I sat down
to wait
for tomorrow.

Face Time

It was the heater core
you turn the car’s fan on
and if the windshield fogs up
and it smells like coolant
it’s the heater core
So I went to the Chinatown mechanic
and said, “look, it’s the heater core”
and he looked at the fogged up windshield
and said, “ok, $700”
which is cheap, you have to take
the whole dashboard out to get at it
When I came back the mechanic said,
“I broke the dashboard lens,
but I ordered one off eBay, come back
when I’m not so busy and I’ll
stick it in”
so I said, “ok”
A month passed, he didn’t call
I went by the place
it wasn’t busy, and I said
“look, put it in, you said you would
and change the oil
while you’re at it”
He didn’t like that
me ordering him around
in front of his assistant
he didn’t like it at all
but he said, “ok”
I’d heard about ‘face’ in Chinese culture
and I was worried 
when I picked up the car
Back home I checked the oil
he’d overfilled it by five quarts
which is bad, it’ll rupture your gaskets
and when I went to drain it
the nut was barely finger tight
ready to go
at any time
I changed it out
and never went back
to the C-town mechanic again
He was cheap, but in a way
I got what I deserved.

Skin Tag

“You smell like a man,” I said
it was the meanest thing
I could think of
“No, no true!” she said
Her scars were healed,
her ass was
a little too pumped up
but other than that
she was my type
 “You do, like a man...” I said
she didn’t really
and although she could still
hit like one
I always hit
where it hurt

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