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Saturday, March 4, 2017

New Poems by John D. Robinson


I don’t take anything too
most of all myself
and I think of Pessoa’s
‘I am nothing,
know I am nothing’
and one time I sat
beside his bronze
statue in
beautiful Lisbon and
pondered these very
words and later I saw
the ‘elephant man of
Lisbon’ staggering
through the streets
and the reactions of
people varied from
shock and curiosity to
pity and that meant
nothing to him or me,
because he knew also
he was nothing,
that I was nothing,
no more than the space
between each second
of time,
whether a prince or
freak pauper
or poet.


He was illiterate, dumb and
uneducated, without hope
or desire or dreams or
ambition, he made little
contribution to society,
spent time in prisons
and very little time in
conventional employment,
he was truly fucked-up
from his first drawn
alcoholic , rootless breath
and for 43 years he
fucked up mostly
everything in his life;
but I came to know him,
to love him
as the man who was
my father.

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