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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Featuring the Poetry of Sudeep Adhikari

Shapes of Fire

Everything is a lie
a lowly spoof,
a grotesque caricature
of a paradise lost;
Except the fact
we all are each other
reciprocal dreams.

Matter is no more
than the spirit on meth
and the whole conscious world
we have crafted
out of our head
Is just a madman’s dream.

We all are shapes of fire;
A singular super-soul
celebrating psychic entanglements
in God’s vineyard.

The Fractal Maze

The splattered fuzz converges
 like a chiaroscuro, to tell the stories
of becoming and noise.
I am lost in a fractal maze,
but I don’t regret.

We think we are too small
 to be the infinity, too frail to dwell
in the folds of a dreamscape.
we think we are the limited hues
of color, caught within the
perimeter of a white canvass.

I keep zooming into myself
and all I can find is me.
I am everywhere. I am the only one
I am the God, whom no religion teaches. 

Give Me Some Noise

The roads are leeching alien blood, not red enough
to be mine. Concrete cadavers,
they don't speak with me, but scream at my face
on a rainy September day.

My city is just one
 gigantic fucking anxiety; Goddammit !
A beautiful pain, almost a poem.

Peel the orange raincoats. Watch the sewers throwing
 up on holy waters, fumes of lust and dust.

At the moment, all I need is a self-effacing kiss,
 like the way breezes make love with
the clouds. A kill that builds rainfall, roses and frogs.

Cables are dancing, and I am sliding down
 the slope of colored birds. Please give me some
noise for the peace of my No-Mind. 

Short Bio: Sudeep Adhikari is a Structural Engineer from Kathmandu, Nepal. His poetry has found place in many online/print literary journals/magazines, the recent being Red Fez, Kyoto, Uneven Floor, Dark Matter Journal, Open Mouse, Outsider Poetry, Devolution Z, Your One Phone Call, The Beatnik Cowboy and Pinyon Review.

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