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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Film Clip: Shining Bird- Distant Dreaming (June 2013)

A neighbour, Dean Taylor of Shining Bird, recently sent me a link to his band’s new single- ‘Distant Dreaming’. I like the glitz, I like the dancing girls. I like the kangaroo with woofer eyes.

Find it here on YouTube:

 Blurb: A bit of psychedelic Australiana ... if you're into that sort of thing. A pastiche of past Australian cultural aesthetic. 80s Australiana meets 90s hiphop. Filmed and edited with our parents' finest JVC analogue technology.

This single is taken from Shining Bird's debut album out on Spunk Records in Spring.

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Credits: Filmed directed and edited by Dave Fox //

Dancers: Romina Aranzola, Erin Freeburn
Animations by: Dave Fox and Shining Bird