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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Radio Archives: In Bed With Phillip. ABC Radio. Radio National One. (2011)

Clearly, one of the best and most consistent radio journalists in Australia is Phillip Adams of ABC Radio National, who for over twenty years has presented Late Night Life (LNL) Monday to Thursday between 10-11 pm. Recently, ABC has collected for the first time, a hundred or so of his most memorable broadcasts on Radio National under the heading ‘In Bed With Phillip.’ He interviews Arthur Miller, Hunter S. Thompson's biographer E. Jean Carroll, Christopher Hitchens and hundreds of other influential writers and thinkers. Find this valuable site here:

Adams interviewed Kurt Vonnegut in 2005 a couple of years before his death. Vonnegut is darkly humorous in his views on his survival in Dresden in 1945, the stupidity of the Bush Government and on his own botched suicide. He says he was lucky in his writing career and was the only person to benefit from the fire-bombing of Dresden- having received for his novel Slaughterhouse 5 about two dollars for each person killed. Find the audio interview here: