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Friday, October 12, 2018

New Release: John Grochalski American Alien Invasion

This is the latest chapbook published by Holy & intoxicated Publications. Here is a sample of two poems from the collection:

dog eat dog world

the poetry books
have failed me

the poets and their little mundane yarns

i look into the mirror
hungover again
and see that my face has failed me

while outside 
the pigeons make death curdles

fighting each other
over buffalo chicken bones
in the endless summer heat

dodging the mounds of dog shit
and summer flies

dog shit left by people
who abuse their dogs

who pull and scream and yell
about time and money

as their pets
race to defecate 

people for whom life has been a failure
disguised by small moments of joy

ugly people
dreaming ugly dreams
living ugly mundane lives

people so shallow
that they have to own
something small and anxious and dumb

forced into loving them
for its very survival.

apartment building saturday morning (6:10 a.m.)

drunken dude-bros
loiter outside my bedroom window
playing on cell phones and having a last warm beer
as they wait on cabs to take them away

i shake off the night’s tango of vodka and wine
trying to remember the plot of some show
that i’ll have to re-watch 

taking a long morning piss
i wonder if it’s the booze or the age
that’s making me so forgetful these days

i’m always re-watching shows
or re-reading chapters of books, i think
as one dude-bro says, nah, dude….and they all laugh at nothing

looking outside my window at them
i wonder how many books they’ve read collectively this year

i think they’ve all probably had more ass in a month
then i’ve had in a lifetime

and ass beats books any day of the week on this side of the ocean

for sport i think maybe i’ll call the cops on them
just to see what that experience feels like

but before i can grab the phone the police show up

two vans full of cops
with their blue uniforms their blue helmets their blue guns

they come out of the vans with stone faces and shields 
as the dude-bros say, we didn’t do nothing officer
and i get excited thinking now we’ll see 
the brutal power of punitive america in action

the cops don’t even pay the dude-bros any mind
but come charging into the building instead

i open my door to take a look
but not much more than a crack 
because i say a lot of shit 
about the president and the government online

and people misunderstand patriotism all of the time

the cops are all walking around
making confused cop faces
slamming doors and casing the foyer
going up and down on the shitty elevator

all like it’s part of the plot of a bad orwellian movie

while outside my window the dude-bros are laughing 
and taking selfies with the whirling lights of cop vans

they are white (mostly) and well dressed
and never really had anything to worry about

they spit beer onto the pavement 
as ambulances and firetrucks and cabs joust for parking spaces

and all i can really do is shut the door
sit on the couch hungover and confused as fuck

look at the clock flashing 6:10 a.m. in red devil lights

remember that today hasn’t even begun
that it’s a work day

and it’ll be at least twelve more hours 
before i can even think
about sitting back down

and having myself a goddamned beer.

Also note that editor John D. Robinson of Holy & intoxicated Publications has yet another chapbook out through PaperAndInkZine entitled “Too Many Drinks Ago”: Not only do you get 25 pages of riveting poetry but also a bonus beermat featuring one of Robinson’s poems together with a hand-made collage and all for only 5 quid.

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