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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New Release: Ramingo Porch #3 (126 pages)

The latest edition of Ramingo Porch is now available on Amazon here:

This folio features a wide variety of work, including poetry, stories and artwork on the theme of Fuck Bukowski. You'll find poems from the old guard- Neeli Cherkovski, Jack Micheline, A.D. Winans, Catfish McDaris and even seven poems from Buk himself. Important contributions are also made by usually younger small press writers such as Sandeep Vachhani, Brenton Booth, Cindy Rosmus, Victor Clevenger, Wayne F. Burke, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Jay Passer and many others.

The highlight of the book would have to be New Zealand writer Terence Rissetto's audacious  short story 'The Great Bukowski.'

You’ll also find two satirical poems by me “Buk’s First Tinder Date” and “I Never Said I Was Northrop Fyre”.

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