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Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Release: Bradley Mason Hamlin and John D Robinson THESE POEMS STOLE YOUR LUNCH MONEY (Holy&intoxicated Publications, 2018 (30 pages)

This is the latest limited edition chapbook venture between the English poet John D. Robinson and the Californian poet Bradley Mason Hamlin. They each contribute seven free verse narrative poems in this slim volume. 

Robinson says of his fellow contributor, “Hamlin is a ‘favourite’ poet of mine, his Californian wine-drenched laid back cool style never fails to hit me.” The cover design is created by Hamlin with art by Mort Todd, courtesy of Mystery Island Publications.

The title of the book These Poems Stole Your Lunch Money is perhaps a satirical take on how some poetry consumers expect everything for free online these days. The price of this book is only $5- only marginally more than a cup of coffee.

Robinson likes to relate to us personal anecdotes such as the strangeness of his father sober sitting at the kitchen table with the family or watching as two women tenderly make out. The language is clean, unadorned and usually flows sentenceless in a one inch bar down the left hand side of the page.

Hamlin form is similar and he writes about smashing things, drinking beer and sex. His words seem to float down the page in quirky, unexpected ways.

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