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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Update: Alan Wearne- In Our Four Dominions (verse novella)

I recently posted on Bold Monkey parts 2 'Moriartys' and part 3 'Bluestocking' of Alan Wearne's epic verse novella IN OUR FOUR DOMINIONS. Told by an English journalist it charts his 60 year friendship with an Australian 'bluestocking' and her family, whom he meets on a tour of the British Empire's dominions in 1913-1914. The work also charts Anglo-Australian relations in the context of the Empire's decline.

Find it here:

A noted historian recently informed Wearne that there were actually five British dominions- Newfoundland was also one from 1911 to the mid 1930s when it reverted to a Crown Colony before it joined Canada in 1949.

Alan Wearne is the publisher of Grand Parade Poets:

His latest volume as a poet These Things Are Real was published by Giramondo in 2017:

The concluding 6 parts of IN OUR FOUR DOMINIONS will be published in 2018.

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