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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New Release: Lummox Poetry Anthology #6 (Lummox Press, San Pedro, 2017) 214 pages

I recently received a hardcopy of Lummox ‘s latest poetry anthology. Like its previous editions, it includes not only a vast array of poetry but also short fiction, interviews, essays, reviews and artwork. It also showcases the work of 2017 Poetry Contest Winners: Mary McGinnis (First Place), Ellen J. Jaffe (Second) and Dr. Bruce Meyer (Third). 

Overall, the anthology includes 169 contributors- some whom you might recognise as regular voices in the small press, such as, t. kilgore splake, Bill Gainer, John Sweet, Alan Caitlin & several others. But the vast bulk of writers will be largely unknown, typing away behind the scenes, yet who are intensely loyal supporters of Lummox Press.

The 8 x 10 inch book is a joy to flip through and read at your own pace. You can start anywhere and the gems of concentrated power tend to hit you best when you drop your guard and loosen your expectations.

The book is a good money-spinner for Lummox Press but Editor-in-Chief RD Armstrong has a low bullshit threshold and consistently maintains a high standard in the anthology. 

Find my review of Ron Lucas's chapbook The Mother Goose Market on pages 188-191.

Find more details of the list of contributors and where to buy the book:

Find a generous sampling of the book here:

Thinking of contributing to Lummox Poetry Anthology 7 or the Lummox Poetry Contest? Read the guidelines here:

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Raindog said...

Thanks George. I hope your readers will buy a copy and if impressed and of a poetic or artistic bent, will consider submitting in April of 2018. I'm also looking for reviews and essays/articles about poetry and it's place and/or value (if any) in our chaotic world. I have high standards, but if you want to give it a shot, I'll give you a fair hearing. Remember our motto: Game not Fame... Lummox stands for the voices of the people. RD Armstrong Publisher/Editor in Chief.