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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Book Launch: Alan Wearne Gleebooks 20 August 2017

Been crook lately, but managed to attend a recent book launch in Sydney which featured probably Australia's best satirist poet, Alan Wearne. His latest collection, These Things Are Real (Giramondo, 2017) was brilliantly dissected and explained by the poet Joanne Burns. Wearne sat pensively on the stage and smiled broadly & nodded his bowed head repeatedly as Burns provided keen insights into his work- many of which- as Wearne later admitted in amazement- he had no idea he had created.

Buy the book here:

The second collection With The Youngsters (Grand Parade Poems, 2017) was launched by A J Caruthers, a young UOW academic. His speech was incredibly erudite and impressive to the point that many in the audience looked anxious and needed to leave during/ or at the end of it. The book collects Wearne's students' work over twenty years and features many of their group experiments with the conventional forms of sestinas and villanelles. A couple of my ex-students contributed to the collection.

Find the book here on Grand Parade Poets:

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