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Monday, July 3, 2017

Wolfgang's "Wolfgang didn't do his taxes on time and now..." annual sale

Recently received this urgent plea from Wolf Carstens from Epic Rites Press:

That’s right, my friends. Every year I do it, and every year I find myself pimping out books, broadsides, and freebies to make my mortgage payment. I had hoped this year would be different but...well, old dogs, new know the story.

This year, I have another amazing package deal.

$50 USD nets you:
1 autographed copy of BULLETPROOF (Grey Borders Books, 2017)
1 autographed copy of RAISING THE DEAD (Svensk Apache Press, 2017)
1 autographed copy of TRASH AND ASH (Epic Rites Press, 2016)
1 autographed copy of RENTED MULE (Nightballet Press, 2015)

1 autographed copy of ONLY THE DEAD (Svensk Apache Press, 2015)
1 autographed copy of THE ABYSS GAZES ALSO (Epic Rites Press, 2013)

Every order includes limited edition broadsides, numbered and signed by yours truly:

Chris Cornell’s
Leonard Cohen
i used to believe
it’s not rocket science
i don’t write love poems

as well as:

i want my funeral” bookmark
FIVE POEMS, NO SMILE (Poems-For-All, 2015)
and “how to write poetry” (e.s.h Poetry Project, 2017) magnet,

Contents of package attached here as Jpeg. Just so you don’t get any crazy ideas (and don’t bother asking), no, the chair is NOT included in the order. 

So, there you have it: six books, five broadsides, booklet, bookmark, magnets, and anything else I can squeeze into the envelope. $50 USD, all inclusive.

Order here.

Now, even if you have one or more of these books, maybe you can kill your Christmas shopping early, or a birthday gift, or a “just because” present for someone who could use a little alphabet love.

All orders will ship in early July.

Any order is greatly appreciated. Please “share” with anyone you think might be interested in experiencing underground poetry as it was meant to be experienced: raw, honest, and charging forward like a wild beast.

Thank you, my friends.

—Wolfgang Carstens

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