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Monday, June 12, 2017

Highly Recommended radio podcasts: Conversations with Richard Fidler (Radio National Podcasts)

The best interviewer of extended conversations on non-fiction books and writing in Australia is Richard Fidler:

His interviews are thoroughly researched, the questions highly relevant and sequential and the discussion lively, intelligent and usually immensely entertaining.

Three of his best recent interviews include:

(1) How Hitler used heroin and meth to fuel the Third Reich. Fidler talks to Norman Ohler about his book Blitzed:

(2) Operating on the brink: the truth about brain surgery. Fidler talks to the neurosurgeon Henry Marsh:

(3)  The bond between two alpine climbers which nearly killed them. Fidler talks to businessman Simon McCartney about an earlier life climbing vertical rock/ice faces:

Best from pre-2017 interviews, include:

Helen Garner- Trial of Robert Farquherson, whose 3 sons drowned in a dam (4 September 2014).

Also totally fascinating is Mark Tedeschi's Eugenia: A True Story of Adversity, Tragedy, Crime & Courage (25 October 2012) about a transgender women who hide her identity through two marriages & who was eventually caught up in a murder trial:

Check them out!

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