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Monday, December 9, 2013

Ted Mack: Time for major reform of the way we do government- Radio Broadcast

It's not difficult to work out why we hate most politicians. Just look or listen to the morons during question time or follow their short careers as fill their pockets and take the country down. Even the most casual of observers would have to admit that the present clowns we have in Canberra will probably go down in history as the most nasty & cynically vindictive we've ever had. In comparison, Malcolm Fraser is almost a god! The former independent Ted Mack provides a scathing and detailed historical overview of the self interest of major party pollies and suggests ways for significant government reform in this excellent Radio National Big Ideas radio broadcast.

Synopsis of Ted Mack's Henry Parkes oration: Distrust of politicians and disillusionment with our political system is at an all-time high. And so former independent MP Ted Mack calls for a major reform of the way we do government. A new electoral system to reflect the will of the people is only one of his suggested directions for such a reform.

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