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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mark Sutton on 702 SYDNEY ABC Radio

Some of you might be interested in this item. Turned on the radio after 2 am last night and came across an ex-student Mark Sutton presenting ABC Overnights with his fiancee Zoe Norton Lodge.

Mark & Zoe will be doing the graveyard gig (2am-530am) over the summer in place of Trevor Chappell/ Rod Quinn. They have a special interest in popular culture- particularly in film and on-line blogs. In their show they have a regular segment with his old school chum David Cunningham called 'Mysteries of History' in which last night he discussed the strategic use of elephants in war among over fascinating things.

Mark has almost completed his PhD in English on Bob Dylan and as you would expect his program also has some literature based material. There was an excellent segment in which he discussed the Scottish poet Rabby Burns with an enthusiastic & erudite  bloke from Sydney University.

Find his ABC profile here:

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Update: I notice Mark's latest reincarnation on the ABC was on the consumer affairs show 'The Checkout' (10 April) where he appeared as a grossly over-weight Russian shonster who passed himself off as a young woman searching for love on an on-line dating site. 

UPDATE 16 November 2014:

Find Mark Sutton blog on Bob Dylan’s 2014 Australian tour. There are 17 entries between 3 July- 12 September 2014:

This weekend Mark filled in for Rod Quinn on the graveyard shift. I was fortunate enough to catch a few hours. The 4 AM talking points included the done-to-death topics of problem gambling & rescued native animals.  The highlight of the weekend was easily his informed & entertaining interview of Ian Anderson, the former frontman of Jethro Tull who will appear in Australia shortly. My ex-Industrial Arts teacher in Montreal, Mr Bradley was his uncle and spoke highly of Anderson.

Find the Ian Anderson interview here:

UPDATE 4 January 2015

Mark is filling in again for Rod Quinn over the next three weeks (Thurs-Sat 2am-530am). I caught a few hours over the weekend. Last night he played songs released in 1965, 50 years ago. Mark reckons it was the best year ever for popular music. He also badly sang a couple of notes from Petula Clarke's hit 'Downtown'.

UPDATE: 15 January 2016

Find Mark Sutton & Zoe Norton's new show Summer School on Radio National at 1 PM today: