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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5

I watched Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 for the first time late last year, and talking to people, it is surprising to learn that so few have heard about the series, let alone, watched it. I don’t look at much tv but this is the best American series since the HBO Western Deadwood. In Australia, ABC is currently playing Series 2 on the dead shift at 11:55pm on Monday nights. So forget the tube. You’re better off purchasing a box-set of the series to gander at will.

The premise of Series 1 is ordinary enough: Walter White, a high school teacher, discovers he has terminal lung cancer. Through a chance meeting with a former student, Jesse Pinkman, he decides to use his skills in science to start cooking crystal meth to build up a fund to help support his wife, Skyler and teenage son after he has died. Remember the United States is a socially backward country and still doesn't have a universal system of Medicare to support its most sick & vulnerable people. When the cash starts to flow to help pay for his treatment, he infers that the money has come from a rich benefactor.

What makes the series so fascinating is the quirky, unpredictable nature of the storyline. The acting is usually highly credible, the photography excellent and the interplay between Walter & Jesse and between Walter & his family is tinged with humour, dramatic irony & pathos.

It appears that AMC has recently agreed to produce Series 6 featuring 16 episodes of Breaking Bad.

Down the track, I might take a closer look at the series.

The conception, development history, cast & characters, themes & symbols, critical reception can be found here:

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