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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the outlaw poetry network

I have sporatically followed this site for a couple of years, but only recently subscribed to it. If you are not familiar with 'outlaw poetry' and are interested in learning more, this is the best place on the net to start. It has a wealth of information on dozens of important writers in the genre, such as A.D. Winans, Todd Moore, Tony Moffeit and Charles Bukowski and every couple of days uploads new valuable material from serious contemporary poets.

The way I understand it, you are able to submit work to the network for possible publication. The site is ever-expanding, but relatively easy to follow. To make a buck, they offer to design web pages for interested writers, artists, musicians and publishers. I recommend you check out some of these on the network's home page under the heading: 'What We Can Do'.

For more information check out the mad subversives here:

UPDATE: 9 April 2012

An excellent kick in the balls of our stuffed up system is delivered by a.d. winans in his poem The System which appears on the Outlaw Poetry Network. He originally read it on the 3 April at the launching of the Occupy SF Poetry Anthology. Amazing how Winans keeps the fire burning as others relent, as others give up hope.