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Saturday, December 3, 2011

DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN- Issue 6: Writing On Walls (2011)

Issue #6 of DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN 'Writing On Walls’ is now out in print and online. It features ‘found’ like poems from the walls of Paris (where the magazine is published) and beyond. As you scroll down, place the curser on the images and you will be able to read the small print. Dean Kisling makes some shrewd observations in his photograph ‘NO.’ Contributors in this issue include Sage Francis, Scroobius Pip and Kele Okereke. 

This is an innovation street inspired visual + text magazine which reinvents itself with every issue. 

                                                 Free Cheese by Scroobius Pip

Issue 7 of  Do Not Look at the Sun can be found here:

Also check out their archives for some interesting projects:

The magazine is still considering the theme for Issue 7 ‘though it looks like it may have something to do with paper airplanes.’

Make your submissions to the editor Anthony Cuthbertson: