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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FREE CHAPBOOK DOWN LOAD: Mike Meraz Writhing & Alive. Free Penny Press, Tampa Florida, 2012 (32 pages).

Mike Meraz of Black-Listed Magazine fame has just published a small chapbook of poetry through ‘Take-It-To-The-Street-Poetry.’ The concept of this fledgling project is ‘about offering words and art to those that have limited access to these gifts. Getting the words to those who are in confined environments, living on the edge, the homeless and lonely, etc.’ Their idealistic mission is to  ‘drop’ their books ‘in random places around the world, in the hope that those who receive them will smile and enjoy the moments of reading and perhaps start a spark or rekindle their admiration for the arts.’

These are short, reflective, highly personal poems. They explore love, the fear of loneliness, how time slips away, the life of the imagination and need to capture special moments for one’s sanity and for posterity.  My personal favourites include the aphorism ‘We all Die in Circles’, ‘Let’s Leave a Mark’ about the need to take risks and ‘Crap, the Neighbor Kids Are Over’ which contemplates the bitter-sweet essence of love.

FREE DOWNLOAD of Mike’s new chapbook Writhing & Alive is linked here:

Have a closer look at the Take-It –To-The-Street-Poetry Project through their homepage and  consider submitting some of your own material:

Mike Meraz’s magazine Black-Listed Magazine link: